FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) After visiting our website Mcxplus.com Intraday Mcx Traders may have some questions or queries in their minds. In this Frequently Ask Questions section, our technical experts have tried to provide best answers for all the confusion. This will clear all your confusions about the working with Mcx Live market and will also give you great knowledge about Indian commodity market ie. Mcx.

  1. Q.What is the Best Commodity Tips Provider in India?

    A.We do not claim for no.1 but 99% of our clients awarded us best commodity tips provider in India.

  2. Q.Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?

    A.We have no refund policy means no refund under any circumstances.

  3. Q.What are intraday commodity tips?

    A. Commodity tips having validity for single trading session.

  4. Q.What is Positional Mcx Tips?

    A. The Commodity/Mcx tips given at specific price for a specific target. They need 2-5 days to achieve target.

  5. Q.What are jackpot gold tips?

    A.The Gold tips having target above 250 points for a single trade are known as jackpot Gold tips.

  6. Q. What are jackpot Silver tips

    A. The Silver tips having target above 400 points for a single trade are known as jackpot Silver tips.

  7. Q.What are jackpot crude oil tips?

    A.The Crude oil tips having target above 70 points for single trade are known as Crude oil tips.

  8. Q.What are Mcx Live Tips?

    A. The Tips provided during active Mcx session are known as Live Mcx Tips or Mcx Live Tips.

  9. Q.What are Free Commodity Tips or Free Mcx Tips?

    A. The Commodity tips or Mcx tips provided during Free one day trial are known as Free commodity Tips or Free Mcx Tips.

  10. Q.What is ratio of target and stop loss for Mcx Live Tips?

    A. Our Target Stop loss ratio remains 65:35